Human Resources

Our People

The “investment” in human capital, is a basic component of NOISIS S.A. philosophy, and a basic condition for a successful operation and company growth.  The significant personnel increase during the past 5 years is indicative of the company’s development, and its direct response to the new market conditions and to the new, specialized customer business needs. 

Personnel Evolution

People at NOISIS S.A. are distinguished for their dedication, their professionalism, their absolute respect to customers’ needs, their scientific competence and know-how. It should be noted that NOISIS BUSINESS STRATEGY & DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A., alongside the permanent scientific staff it employs, also cooperates with a number of business associates and experts on a permanent basis. The ability to provide services on a wide range of subject matters is thus guaranteed and any specific needs and requirements of individual projects / studies under way are outweighed.

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19 Meandrou st.,
11528, Ilisia
Τ: (+30) 210 7250800
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15 Kanellopoulou st.,
54248 Kifisia
Τ: (+30) 2310 455299
F: (+30) 2310 434130

West Macedonia

38 Ath. Diakou st.,
52100 Kastoria
Τ: (+30) 2467022906
F: (+30) 24670 24956